Handmade pizza | The auntentic handmade pizza
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The handmade pizza, #lapizzaqueconnecta

Convinced that the human factor will make the difference in the future, La Locanda Pizza is committed to an authentic style that touches directly upon the most important things in life, which often aren’t things but rather the bonds between people believing, sharing, and growing together.

Our pizzas are topped with the finest ingredients and a taste for life.


Individually hand-kneaded. Because each pizza is unique, just like the story behind it. Our hands are the most authentic way of connecting with life.

With authentic products and proximity

High quality ingredients which, although we source them locally to protect the environment, link us directly to the birthplace of the pizza: Italy.

With natural fermentation

The highest quality comes from letting everything take its course, that’s why we leave our doughs to ferment naturally for 24 hours.

and... taste of life!

Our pizzas touch on the most important things in life which often aren’t things but rather shared moments, experiences, and projects. #lapizzaqueconnecta is made to bring people together to create, share, and grow together!!